Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Allietare Mystery Quilt Part 3

Allietare! Mystery Quilt Part 3.

Week number three is upon us with Bonnie's 2015 Mystery and I never get tired of participating in the annual mystery.  On Facebook, someone posted a question about how many Bonnie mysteries I have done.  I couldn't really remember which were mysteries and which were patterns from her books until I started sorting through my "collection".  I was surprised to find that I have done 11 mystery quilts and I think my first was possibly Carolina Crossroad or Orange Crush.  Can't remember the order of the mysteries as I haven't labeled any except for Roll Roll Cotton Boll.

Also, surprisingly, I find that I am mostly a topper. (Meaning, that I make mostly tops and the "quilting" get delegated to the background).  But I love making these mystery quilts and the mystery just adds another fun layer to the process.

Now that I am retired, I plan to get more of the tops finished and my plan is to do at least one a month in the coming year.  (tops are easier to store but finished quilts will keep you warm!)

Wanted to blog about my En Provence finish and found that I never posted this from Allietare. Both are now finished and the binding needs to be flipped and sewn for EP.

Wow, I need to blog a little more often, you'd think?!

Monday, January 5, 2015

What an ending to 2014!

It's been awhile since my last post.  But, I'm back.

November and December of 2014 is not a time I would want to revisit anytime soon.  Just suffice it to say, DH was hospitalized twice for emergency eye surgery to fix a retina tear and detachment and during the second surgery, I got a phone call that my Mom had passed away.  Also, during the last two months, I have been training my two new hires to  replace me as I planned to retire on December 31st.

Well, I did retire (at least on paper) but I'm still doing some consulting in the interim.  Also contemplating working a couple of days a week at the local quilt shop.  Which I know I would really enjoy and would get me out of the house from time to time.

Anyway, the GI mystery was my saving grace during my depressing weeks of late 2014, and I've been sewing frantically into the wee hours trying to stay focused on my love of quilting and not think too much about my issues and worries.  Thank you!! Bonnie Hunter for this diversion and keeping me sane.  You rock!

Here is my reveal:

Just love the bright and cheery colors and the black really sets together the whole design, in my opinion.

I was given a fat quarter pack of Horizon by Kate Spain for Moda that influenced me to use the purple instead of the pink in this mystery and I like it a lot.  I used the greens, purples and aquas from the collection and added a yellow tone on tone and white & black toile' print and the scraps of black as my only scrappy fabric.  I usually use all scraps for the mystery but I do like the ease of using yardage in this instance.  It is still a jumble of movement, plus I really enjoyed the whole process, especially during my trying time.

I have all the border units made, now just need to sew them on and next pick a quilting design and thread color to blend with the top.

Happy quilting everyone!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taking a vacation and attacking my UFO pile

My, time does fly! I haven't posted in a long time but I need to get back to it.  I miss the structure of blogging and documenting my projects.  So this blog will be picture heavy.

First, let me introduce Blue.  He owns the local quilt shop I frequent: Rachel's Quilt Patch in Staunton, VA. He is sweet and just loves to greet customers and his blue eyes are so intense. I load-up on my allergy meds and  I "love on him" when I go to the shop as I can't have a pet of my own, he is my stand-in.
Blue, the shop cat.
What's on my design wall is Crabapple in progress.  A pattern by Bonnie Hunter in her book Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  I have made over 600 3.5 nine patches for this quilt and for Tumalo Trail, which is also by Bonnie Hunter.  I have almost enough to make the Tumalo Trail and will be assembling that quilt later this month as soon as this one is finished top.  

Love my design wall which is a flannel backed tablecloth from Walmart for $5.00 with 8 grommets added to the top and command cup hooks to hang it.  The best thing about this design wall is I can add a second tablecloth directly over this one so I can work on more than one quilt at a time.  My double closet door are behind and when I need to get into the "winter closet", I just roll the design wall up and tie the roll with ribbons that I attached on the back of the tablecloth. 
Crabapple quilt top designed by Bonnie Hunter

I love to make baby quilts and a young couple that we have been life counseling from our church are getting ready to have their first baby.  I saw this panel at the quilt shop which works with their nursery colors of grey and blue. I just added simple nine patch blocks and two borders.
Tweet Baby Quilt

and the afghan too for those cool nights in December...
Crochet baby blanket

I needed to cover a pillow for my couch and fell in love with the knitted pillow at Crate and Barrel but could not justify the price, so made my own.  The second one is in progress....
Knitted pillow cover

With the "slow quilting" craze that is so popular now, I decided to get my Grace quilt frame out of the closet and mount a quilt that I've wanted to finish by hand.  I've always loved to hand quilt but just didn't do it much and my friends tease me about having a longarm with a quilt on it languishing in the basement and me spending my time hand quilting in my studio. Whatever makes me happy, I suppose.....
Tea Pots in my Garden

This is the next quilt that I want to start with my Mirabelle jelly roll by Fig Tree and Co. This one may have to wait until early fall as I have so many things in progress right now and I can't start another until something else gets finished.

Mirabelle Jelly Roll Quilt

And finally, my Tumalo Trail, in progress from Scraps & Shirttails II also by Bonnie K. Hunter. I have so many 1.5 inch strips and patches in my scrap bin that I could make nine patches for a decade and still have fabric left over.  I'm also trying to use up some of the recycled shirts in this quilt and the Crabapples and have just made a slight dent in that storage bin.
Tumalo Trail; quilt in progress

Monday, February 3, 2014

Home again, with the bug

The weather is very strange in my area today (Virginia USA).  When I got up this morning it was 37 degrees and raining. Then the temperature began to drop slowly.  Every time I check outside, it is raining or sleeting or snowing, or a mixture of all three.  Glad I'm inside today. Am fighting another round of the flu and trying to work from home.

Here's my Celtic Solstice quilt top.  It fits the top of the queen size bed with an Amber colored outer border that didn't quite get into the photo.
Celtic Solstice Quilt Top (apricot, amber, light blue, brown and cream)

Round and Round Quilt Top
This top was one of my leader and enders projects while working on the Celtic Solstice.  It was really quick and easy to sew together and is a pattern I found on the web from Camille Roskelly at Thimbleblossoms

Shirts and Cheddar Quilt Top
This top was also a leader and enders project while working on the Celtic Solstice.  Three quilts for the time it takes to make one, almost.

Thanks Bonnie for all you do and have a great week.
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celtic Solstice top completed...

Have my Celtic Solstice quilt top assembled (the smaller version).  I really like my color choices (dark brown, medium blue, peachy orange, amber and cream) and the pattern was well-written and easy to make. Bonnie Hunter has done it again.  Just love to do these mystery quilts with her and all the excitement the goes with the posting each weekly clue.

Celtic Solstice 75 x 75 quilt top

Close-up of the lower side

My "leader/ender project" top completed while sewing CS with recycled shirtings
Christmas Lights quilt top

I have really enjoyed my two-
week winter break. I spent time working on several quilting projects including the Celtic Solstice Mystery, Christmas Lights and Bonnie's Star Struck, learning to use Inklingo, did some hand quilting and embroidery, took time to get together with my small quilt group for a morning sew-in and had time to catch up with friends over lunch on several occasions.  Also, took time to start organizing my studio and fabrics, read a few books, cleaned the house and got a couple of small painting projects completed.
Star Struck top compelted

But sadly, Monday, I must go back to work and get back into my normal and usual daily routine.  I am planning to retire sometime in the near future and wanted to take this opportunity to see if I enjoyed not working and if I would possibly become bored.  Well, I can tell you that I would not be bored in the least, especially with all the projects that I have on my to-do list and the reading that I want to do.
I may start teaching part time again when I have the time or maybe do some volunteer work.  Lots of things to think about.

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Happy Quilting Everyone!
Gail in Verona

Monday, December 16, 2013

SVW-SC Mystery Part 3

Our snowy weekend was wonderful.  Just enough snow to make you feel festive and not enough to keep you indoors. Hubby and I both finished our Christmas shopping and now. just waiting on a couple of items to be delivered by the "brown truck!".

I was able to work on my Celtic Solstice on Friday night and some on Sunday afternoon and was able to finish all the pieces, so far, through Part 3. I am making the smaller version this year.  I'm not rushing and this mystery has been very easy so far.

I'm even contemplating making another one of these using Linda Franz's fabric choices.  I can't remember the fabric line but it has taupe, red, celery and cream and I'm adding aqua to mine. If you are interested, check out her site here. I was able to buy her fabrics on sale, and may start that one after Christmas.  I did purchase the Inklingo collection but have not used it yet as I was not able to get my old printer to work.  I think I'm getting a new one as a present and one that will print from my iPad, which I needed anyway.

This is the first mystery that I've deviated from the color suggestions and I like it.  Was a little worried to not follow Bonnie's suggested colors, which I have done on all her mysteries since Carolina Christmas. Easy Street was very colorful, for me, last year, but it was the most wanted quilt that I've done.  Both kids wanted it but I gifted it to my co-worker who lost her son the day after Christmas and she was so in depressed that she really needed a quilt to cuddle and the bright colors seemed to cheer her up a bit too.

This year the colors are: Peach, Brown, Medium Blue, Cream and Amber.

I only have a couple of days to work this week and then I'm off until after the New Year (2014!)  I cannot believe this year is almost over and what a quick year it's been!

Happy Quilting Everyone
Gail in Verona

2008 BOM

2008 BOM
from 'The Quilt Show' By Sue Garman

2009 BOM Number 2

2009 BOM Number 2
Stars for a New Day also by Sue Garman

2009 BOM

2009 BOM
Washington Medallion by Sue Garman

2nd UFO for 2008

2nd UFO for 2008