Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Machine Quilters Showcase in Providence RI

Ode to MQX - 2010

Here I sit, all broken hearted -
all my quilting friends departed...
to MQX! The great big show!
Alas, poor me, I could not go.

The great big show, with all the things
that quilters want, and some they need.
The teachers there, they share their skill,;
their students thrive, and get their fill.

The quilt display, awesome and grand!
I'm missing it! And here I stand
at my machine, with my lament.
I couldn't go, my dollars spent.

On special thread, patterns and batting...
My on-line friends, they share, when chatting;
this works for me and this one doesn't -
I try them all - shopping is pleasant...

To see it all, in one fell swoop;
the shops, the goods, the whole big toot!
The people, too, that make it great
to quilt all day, and sometimes late...

To share our love for what we do
and share our lives with strangers, too.
Our quilts are things, but things for sharing
and fill our souls with peace and caring.

by: Rosemary Skinner
VA Beach, VA

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