Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions

My resolutions for this new year are:
1. Work less and play more.
2. Take time to enjoy each day by counting my blessings and forgetting my shortcomings.
3. Connect with friends more often, if not in person, than by letter, email or call....
4. Enjoy completing my UFOs and if I do not love them, give them away to someone who will love to complete them, without guilt.
5. Do not schedule too much or make promises with deadlines that will cause me to rush.
6. Connect with my family every day.  Spend quality time with DH, DD, DS and their families.
7. Sew more and clean less.
8. Check off something on my bucket list.  I want to learn how to surf. Maybe this is the year to do that.
9. Learn something new every day. A new word, a new tip for quilting, a software technology, whatever
10. Blog at least once a week and read my favorite blogs everyday.
11.  Try to keep up with my new BOM this year.  Finish Washington Medallion from last year.

12.  Schedule my own quilt tops to be quilted on my longarm.  It would be nice to finish at least 12 quilts this year.  Very do-able, especially since I have over 70 to do. 
13. Make a point to thank everyone for how they have impacted my life.
14. Remember birthdays and anniversaries
15. Start planning my retirement, start attending the meetings for retirees for financial planning

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2008 BOM

2008 BOM
from 'The Quilt Show' By Sue Garman

2009 BOM Number 2

2009 BOM Number 2
Stars for a New Day also by Sue Garman

2009 BOM

2009 BOM
Washington Medallion by Sue Garman

2nd UFO for 2008

2nd UFO for 2008