Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OB Step One Progress

The Step One for the Bonnie Hunter 2011 Fall Mystery is progressing very slowly.  I have all the "quarter square triangles QST" cut and the halves are sewn together.  In the black tray are the blocks (40 '2 1/2 inch unfinished  or 2 inch finished) that are completed (including squaring and removing the bunny ears).  I am using Bonnie's colors (black and white) because I just want to enjoy the process and not try to over think what I want to do since I don't know what the end result will be anyway.  Stress-free is my key word to this Christmas season. If I get behind, I am not going to stress about finishing each step on time either. 

So, for the blue string blocks for Step Two,  I find that I have very few blue strings in the 'blues' storage box.  I used most of the blue scraps for the Blue Ridge Beauty. That is all cut and ready to piece and that is the stage where I left off.  I have a lot of blue fat quarters and yardage so I don't have to go shopping except in my stash so I should be starting those this weekend if my plans are not interrupted.  I have a phone book, too. Just dug it out of the trash bin at work today. Yeah!

I'm up to date with my Farmer's Wife blocks. I'm working along with the Marti Michell templates and instructions that I began in September. I have 61 of the 115 block completed.

Also, just got a new hair style.  After seeing my Thanksgiving photos with my kids, I decided I needed a new look. How did I get so old all of a sudden? I took pictures this morning in my studio before the cut and in my office after the cut.  When did haircuts go to $45.00?!

Here is the before and then the after pixs:

Before (the lighting is yellow in my sewing studio and makes my hair appear very blonde):

After (the lighting in my office is very harsh and shows more of my grey hair):

I think I like the new look but still ponder going shorter.  Maybe in the spring, I'll do something more drastic.  Am I the only one who cannot make up my mind when it come to hair styles.


Helen in the UK said...

Keep up the good work on the mystery units. Slow, but steady and you'll get there :)
PS: The new haircut is softer and does make you look younger!

Candace said...

I like your blocks and your hair, and you are right, it's not a race, it's our hobby (for some their job, but for most our destresser)

Ellen said...

Enjoy the process - that is really what it is about!

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