Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Fabrics for Easy Street Mystery

Each year, at this time, Bonnie Hunter releases a mystery on her blog, Quiltville.  She posted the fabric recommendations last Wednesday for her new mystery, titled 'Easy Street'.

I anxiously await this mystery each year as a highlight of my quilting enjoyment.  Each year you can be assured that I will be compelled to pull fabric colorways from my enormous stash, in each of her recommended colors, agonize over every shade, visit fabric stores and shop online for every fabric and gadget that Bonnie recommends. Then proceed to cut very tiny shapes and piece wonderful units for the pattern, while not quite knowing what your quilt will end up to be.  Sounds outrageous. Not in the least, to this quilter, that is.  I'm in heaven just waiting for the first pattern to be posted, in about three weeks.

I've made several of Bonnie's mysteries and have been excited about every one of them.  She tends to recommend colors that are out of my comfort-zone but I have loved each one.  I've even enjoyed the string piecing that Bonnie introduced to me.

I used pinks, brown and greens in 'Roll, Roll Cotton Bole', reds, blacks and white in 'Orca Bay' and red, green and gold in 'Carolina Christmas'.  So, here I am encouraged that once again, I cannot go wrong in working with Bonnie's recommended colors.  So, here are the very bright colors that Bonnie recommends:
Teals, Limey-Appley Green, Deep Blue-Purples to Deep Red-Purples, White-Black prints and Grey. Whoa..

Here are my photos of the fabric choices I will use...

In grey as my constant:

In deep blue-purple to red-purple:

 In teals:

In white-black

In yellow, limey greens

Happy quilting
Gail in Verona
Shenandoah Valley Quilter

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Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I love your colors. I'm tempted to do this mystery, but I am in the middle of handquilting an I-Spy quilt for my grands that will be a Christmas gift ... I don't know if I'll have time with that and all the usual Thanksgiving/Christmas activities to devote to another quilt. But I'm really interested in doing this one and playing along with everyone else.

We have friends who recently moved to your neck of the woods ... from what they've shared on Facebook, you all live in such a beautiful part of the country.

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