Saturday, December 22, 2012

An early Christmas for me

I love the colors in the Easy Street Mystery quilt-along. I don't usually work with these bright and clear colors but I'm really getting excited to see what will become of these wonderful little units.  Here are my 64 piece Part 5 units.

Does anyone know what this cabinet is for?

If you guessed sewing cabinet, you're so right and it's my 'early' Christmas gift!  It arrived from Utah yesterday and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  It is a reproduction Featherweight sewing cabinet.  I have searched for years for an original cabinet and have never even seen one except in pictures.  So, when I found someone how makes exact reproductions, I jumped at the chance to have one made for myself.  My black Featherweight is on loan to my friend at a retreat so I'll have to wait until it gets home to show you what it looks like when inserted into the cabinet.  My white FW does not fit but I'm getting an insert made so that I can us the white one in this cabinet too.  The FW will be stored behind the doors.  When sewing, the shelf is hinged and flips up so that there is room for my knees to fit under the cabinet.  There is storage for the foot to fit in the little box on the left side and spools of thread on the inside door on the right.

Here is the cabinet with the top removed.

Here is the white featherweight.  The cabinet maker is making an insert to fill the gap for this machine.  The white FW has a shorter bed than the black one.

Merry Christmas and happy Quilting
Gail in Verona


Bonnie K Hunter said...

Love the cabinet! WOW!!!

Jane said...

Would you share the name of the cabinet builder? I'd LOVE to have one, too.

Dora, the Quilter said...

Very, very sweet. Congratulations on your Christmas acquisition. I'm sure it will bring you many hours of fun sewing!

Sandra B said...

What a fantastic little cabinet! Looking forward to the next clue. Merry Christmas.

Beth said...

That cabinet is gorgeous!

D Brown said...

I have seen pics of that cabinet and have been looking for one for YEARS. Have a great time using it!

Jealous in IL

Andee said...

That cabinet is so cool! I am enjoying Bonnie's mystery quilt too!

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