Sunday, December 9, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

It was such a dreary, yet warm day today, and a perfect day to go to church and sing carols, finish decorating our home, watching Quilt Cam with Bonnie, sewing my Easy Street Part Three units and making my row long #8.  Also watched three Christmas Movies this evening while hand sewing my hexagon quilt.  I love the Hallmark and Lifetime Countdown to Christmas movies.  But now, I think I'm tired.  Almost bedtime.  I have to work five more day this year and then off until after the New Year.

Monday is Bonnie linky party for part 3 and here is my photo. Love these purple and teal with the white and black prints.

Here are the mittens for the Row Along Part 8. These were such fun to make. Please check my older blog posts to find out more about this wonderful free pattern from Bee In My Bonnet.

And this is the new slender tree for 2012. We don't have a lot of room for a tree and our old tree was huge and we had to remove furniture in order to have room for that tree.  And since the family will gather at our home this year, I needed to find a smaller tree.  This tree is taller but very slender and does the trick. Love it but had to pack more than half of the decoration away.  We'll rotate the other decoration next year.

And our nativity: We had to put this on the hearth this year.  I need to get a backdrop that will hide the fireplace and logs, but this is a good place for the nativity now. I used to put this on the mantle but we put the TV above the mantle this year, so this will have to do for now.


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Nice job, getting closer now!
On the other hand I hate to see the mystery end. :)

Love those mittens
Sharyn in Kalama

kelltrek said...

Your mittens are so cute!

Sandra B said...

I love the skinny tree! The shaded 4-patches look so nice don't they.

2008 BOM

2008 BOM
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2009 BOM Number 2
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2009 BOM
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2nd UFO for 2008