Monday, February 25, 2013

Ready for something new

I turned 60 in December.  I didn't think too much of it at the time.  I'm still 4-6 years away from retirement and I do love my work and the folks I work with.  I'm an administrator at a small woman's college for over 15 years.  I love interacting with lots of bright, young women with wonderful dreams and high hopes and that, in itself has kept me, if not young, energetic and excited about life.  I'm married to my best friend, Michael, for over 36 years, have two wonderful children who are settled, accomplished and happy.  I have my health and enjoy an active and happy life.  Mike and I are both homebodies and love to work fixing our home and working in the yard. BUT....  and there is always a but, isn't it. I find myself reassessing what it is that I want to do.  I have so many plans that I'd have to live another 60+ years to get it all done.  I don't want to keep rushing through life, trying to get it ALL done and not finding my joy.  So, what do I want to do?

Well, I couldn't sleep last night for thinking about it and I decided to make a personal assessment and a list....

I want to focus on staying healthy.
To do that, I need to get more active, eat better and just stop rushing myself to get more done in a day.  I make mental lists of my to dos (which is always more than is possible) and then get frustrated if I don't get it all done!

I want to enjoy relaxing.
I never seem to just sit and watch the sunrise.  I'm on my computer at 6:00 am multitasking, eating breakfast, reading my devotions, drinking coffee, answering email, cleaning the kitchen, getting dressed for work and flying out of the house late again, after putting a load of towels in the wash and starting the dishwasher...  

I need to be more purposeful in starting yet another project.  Stop obsessing about finishing all that I have begun.
For the last year, I made myself finish projects that I had fallen out of love with and I did not enjoy the process.  I finished a lot of items and feel better about that but didn't love the process.  I want to enjoy the process again.  I now give myself permission to assess my list of UFOs  with a critical eye and to purge the items that have languished far too long...  I have a lot of friends who will be invited to assist me and possibly benefit from my ruthless purge of stuff.

I will enjoy my smaller garden and I will enjoy smaller meals this year. (loose some weight)

I will not obsess with cleaning my house.  A little dust never hurt anyone, did it?  Maybe I need a housekeeper....mental reminder to check that out.

I want to visit my friends and family more, take a real vacation (not a working one).

I want to take a class, take a cruise and allow myself some creative endeavors that are new and exciting.

I want to sleep and with that, I need to go to bed.  I do not have to work tomorrow, so I will sleep in and start a new day......

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sewnsew said...

Gail, love the one titled Chocolate. Who would not love it with that name.
Looked to see where you worked. In Staunton! My daughter lives in Lynchburg. I go rt. 81 quite frequently, or I did til I discovered Amtrak takes me right into Lynchburg. So much easier.
Anyway, Hi from snowy Maine.

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